Kurma (Date) is a heavenly fruit, full of energy, fiber and protein. It is one of the healthiest snack with the extensive range of necessary nutrients anyone can consume.
Delish is a memorable brand which knows the health benefits of this magical fruit; and hence presents it to you with the best quality in an impresseive packaging. In addition to typical Date products such as Deglet Noor Dates from Tunisia, Medjool Dates from United States and Palestine, Piarom/Mariami Dates, Rotab Mazafatti Dates, and Zahedi Dates from Iran and many more, Delish goes further and offers other great Dates derived products such as Date Syrup, Stuffed Dates with Nuts, and Chocolate Covered Dates with Almonds.
Due to the delicate condition of Dates, a modern and well-established infrastructure is needed for delivering Dates in their best quality to our customers specially in certain occasions like the holy month of Ramadan. Ukh Provision, which is the main distributor of Delish Dates throughout the Modern Trade Market, overcomes this issue via the aid of  efficient utilities such as cold storage, chilled trucks, merchandisers, promotional stands and displays.