Welcome to UKH Provision Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 2010, Ukh Provision Sdn Bhd started as a distributor of Beverage to Restaurants, Hotels and Modern Trade that grew into one of the main distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) specializing in Food Items to both the Modern Trade and Food Service. Our belief is to spend our time promoting products that are Healthy, Halal, and Enjoyable to the public; and increase our customer’s knowledge on new products, new packaging and flavors which are produced in different parts of the world. Our passion is to provide enough marketing support for the Retail Market, so they will be familiar with our products quality and brands.

UKH Provision’s main focus currently is expanding its product range and market share in the modern trade in Malaysia. The main objective is to help global companies who are looking at reliable business partners to distribute their product. This will be undertaken through our extensive distribution channels in Malaysia. Being active in the Beverage, Dried Fruits and Dates frontier, UKH Provision has become a successful distributor in delivering comprehensive services of marketing, brand development, sales and promotions, logistics and distribution in Malaysia.

UKH Provision targets to have a long term partnership with top global brands in a win-win situation and bring wide availability, profit and market share for both the principal and itself. With the current infrastructure built, UKH Provision aims to distribute more products and brands under the Grocery and Fresh Food Category in the Modern Trade Sector.


Our success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand – Greg Norman

UKH Provision has set up its office in the central of Kuala Lumpur. The main goal of the company is to import, export, and also distribute goods in the Asia Pacific region. As of today, the clients of UKH Provision are from all around Malaysia, and also some of the Eastern Asia countries. By always monitoring the market’s needs, UKH Provision is able to supply goods that are well in demand by the market today. Having a range of choices of food helps the company to widen their client base area rapidly. Since its establishment months ago, UKH Provision has been able to tie up with strong distributors in various fields of beverages, fresh fruits, dried fruits and canned products, and to market its products in various markets of Malaysia such as retail, food service and wholesale as well. The staffs at UKH Provision are looking for distributors in different states of Malaysia, and also in neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific region. For providing information in order to Cooperate and continue a long lasting fruitful collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us further.


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